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Stories from 2010
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 Coaches needed for Brighton, ER and Gates Chili2010-12-22Read
 Colby Wehner Signs NLI for Canisius2010-12-17Read
 Teams Need Games for 2010 Schedules2010-12-15Read
 GVLOA Sets Training for Officials2010-12-08Read
 Fairport Might Make Images of the Year List2010-12-07Read
 Merrill and Prout to Appear at Batavia Clinic2010-11-23Read
 Sectional Tournament to Remain Open in 20112010-11-19Read
 Drew Hays Signs NLI for UNC2010-11-17Read
 Alex Kober to Attend Air Force Academy2010-11-15Read
 James Burke Signs NLI for Delaware2010-11-15Read
 Ryan Yunker Signs NLI for Bryant University2010-11-15Read
 Jake Bailey Signs NLI for UNC2010-11-12Read
 Section Five Looking for Game Officials2010-11-11Read
 Hall of Fame Dinner - The Class of 20102010-11-06Read
 Hall of Fame Dinner on November 5th2010-10-11Read
 2010 Empire State Games Wrap up2010-07-26Read
 Sunday - Long Island - Five in a Row2010-07-25Read
 Saturday - A Shorter Day - Setting up For the Medals2010-07-24Read
 Friday - Central over Long Island in OT2010-07-23Read
 Thursday - Long Island and Central Top Day One2010-07-22Read
 The Players - 20102010-07-22Read
 Senior All Star Game: One Final High School Game2010-07-10Read
 ESG Western Team Released2010-07-07Read
 D&C Announces 2010 All-Greater Rochester Team2010-07-02Read
 2010 Season Wrap Up2010-07-01Read
 Financial Support Still Needed2010-07-01Read
 Senior All Star Game Participants Announced2010-06-14Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 10 Final2010-06-13Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Fairport Downed by West Islip2010-06-12Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 92010-06-10Read
 Fairport in the State Championship - Saturday June 12th2010-06-10Read
 Adidas Tryout on June 10th2010-06-10Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: Section Five Sweeps Western Regionals2010-06-08Read
 Monroe County D-1 Awards - 20102010-06-08Read
 Monroe County D-2 Awards - 20102010-06-08Read
 Monroe County D-3 Awards - 20102010-06-08Read
 League Awards Announced for 20102010-06-08Read
 2010 GRALL Awards Announced2010-06-07Read
 2010 All Tournament Teams2010-06-04Read
 On to the State Tournaments- Tuesday June 8th2010-06-04Read
 Jeff Milano-Johnson Tournament Saturday2010-06-04Read
 Game Report: Friday: Championship Day2010-06-04Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 82010-06-02Read
 Sectional Tournaments Around The State2010-06-01Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: On to the Championships2010-06-01Read
 2010 Finger Lakes Awards2010-05-30Read
 Game Report: Friday: Class A and Class C Quarter Finals2010-05-28Read
 Game Report: Thursday: Class B Quarters2010-05-27Read
 Game Report: Wednesday: Penn Yan Out Bracket2010-05-26Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 72010-05-26Read
 CA - Spencerport Game to Benefit Coach Mike Pane2010-05-26Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: One and Done - The Tournament Begins2010-05-25Read
 Tournaments Set for 20102010-05-23Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Two Last Games in Regular Season2010-05-22Read
 Game Report: Friday: Aquinas and B-H Win2010-05-21Read
 Game Report: Thursday: Last Big Day of Regular Season Games2010-05-20Read
 Game Report: Wednesday: Whitman wins on Senior Night - AQ over Timon2010-05-19Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 6 2010-05-19Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: Fairport over Pittsford, Penfield over Penn Yan2010-05-18Read
 Game Report: Monday: Four Monday Games2010-05-17Read
 Sectional Rankings - Week 8 2010-05-16Read
 You Make the Call: Test Update - Average Score 82%2010-05-16Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Midlakes takes Bath, PY over Geneva by one2010-05-15Read
 Game Report: Friday: Canandaigua over Hamburg2010-05-14Read
 Game Report: Thursday: McQuaid over Pittsford in OT2010-05-13Read
 Game Report: Wednesday: Pride and Thunder win today2010-05-12Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 5 Canandaigua drops to 4th2010-05-12Read
 SportsFive Needs Sponsors for Empire State Games Coverage2010-05-12Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: Penfield and Aquinas both win one goal games2010-05-11Read
 Game Report: Monday: Livonia over McQuaid, Midlakes over B-H2010-05-10Read
 Sectional Rankings - Week 72010-05-09Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Pittsford, Fairport and Marcus Whitman win today2010-05-08Read
 Game Report: Friday: Penfield and Irondequoit win today2010-05-07Read
 Game Report: Thursday: The Streak Ends, Thomas over CA2010-05-06Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 4 Canandaigua still on top2010-05-05Read
 Game Report: Wednesday: Penn Yan over Frontier2010-05-05Read
 You Make the Call: How well do you know the Rules2010-05-04Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: Eastridge wins in Double Overtime2010-05-04Read
 Game Report: Monday: Batavia over Newark 5-32010-05-03Read
 Sectional Rankings - Week 6 2010-05-02Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Canandaigua - In Overtime 12-112010-05-01Read
 Game Report: Friday: Waterloo over Newark2010-04-30Read
 Game Report: Thursday: Penn Yan over Aquinas 14-62010-04-29Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 3 Canandaigua still on top2010-04-28Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: McQuaid over Penn Yan 8-72010-04-27Read
 Empire State Games Tryouts Announced2010-04-26Read
 Rochester Chapter Announces Tryouts2010-04-26Read
 Sectional Rankings - Week 52010-04-25Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Fairport falls to JD 13-112010-04-24Read
 Friday: Annual Canandaigua-Penn Yan Game2010-04-23Read
 Game Report: Friday: Canandaigua wins #282010-04-23Read
 Game Report: Thursday: Brighton, Livonia and Pittsford Win2010-04-22Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 2 Canandaigua still on top2010-04-22Read
 Game Report: Wednesday: Fairport Wins Another2010-04-21Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: CA over Schroeder, R-H over C-C2010-04-20Read
 Game Report: Monday: Batavia over Medina 18-142010-04-19Read
 Sectional Rankings - Week 4 2010-04-18Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Canandaigua over Corning East2010-04-17Read
 Game Report: Thursday: Three Games in Double Overtime2010-04-15Read
 New York State Poll Out - Number 1 and so is CA2010-04-13Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: Pittsford over Irondequoit, Fairport over Thomas2010-04-13Read
 Game Report: Monday: B-H Pride Takes Midlakes in Overtime2010-04-12Read
 Game Report: Sunday: Aquinas 19 - St. Joseph 52010-04-11Read
 Sectional Rankings - Week 32010-04-11Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Brighton over Churchville, Penn Yan over Carthage2010-04-10Read
 Game Report: Friday: Greece Thunder Winners Today2010-04-09Read
 Game Report: Thursday: Schroeder over C-C, Fairport over Irondequoit2010-04-08Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: The Pride and Churchville are OT Winners2010-04-06Read
 Sectional Rankings - Week 22010-04-04Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Penn Yan over Livonia2010-04-03Read
 Game Report: Thursday: Midlakes over Livonia, Thomas in OT2010-04-01Read
 Game Report: Tuesday: Irondequoit Over Penfield in a Close One2010-03-30Read
 Game Report: Monday: Canandaigua and Fairport the Winners2010-03-29Read
 Game Report: Saturday: Most Games Out of Section2010-03-27Read
 Game Report: Friday: Bishop Kearney Returns to Section Five2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Geneva2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Marcus Whitman2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Midlakes2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Mynderse2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Newark2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Pal-Mac2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Waterloo2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Fairport2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Gates Chili2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Hilton2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Penfield2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Pittsford2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Rush-Henrietta2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Schroeder2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Brockport2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Canandaigua2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Churchville-Chili2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: HFL2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Irondequoit2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Thomas2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Victor2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Penn Yan2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Batavia2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Brighton2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: East Rochester2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Eastridge2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Lightning2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Thunder2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Spencerport2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Aquinas2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Bath2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Bishop Kearney2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: Livonia2010-03-26Read
 2010 Preview: McQuaid Jesuit2010-03-26Read
 The 2010 Team Previews2010-03-25Read
 2010 Preview: BH2010-03-25Read
 New Mascot for Bloomfield-Honeoye2010-03-15Read
 Lacrosse Scholarship Available for Section V Player2010-03-07Read
 New Features for 20102010-03-01Read
 SportsFive.NET to offer Clinic for Statisticians2010-02-17Read
 Pal-Mac, Spencerport, Brighton Need Coaches2010-02-13Read
 Two from Section Five in Dicks Sporting Goods Nationals2010-01-31Read
 Classifications to change again in 2010-20112010-01-31Read
 Rochester Wins Brogden Cup Again2010-01-12Read