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[Valid RSS] What is an RSS Feed?
 - RSS (which stands for Real Simple Syndication) gives you automatic updates from your favorite websites.

The RSS program checks the sites you want to keep track of and reports back with headlines and summaries when something new is posted. The items are hyperlinked, so that you can just click on the summary to read the whole story.

You subscribe to feedsusing your favorite web browser or using a software application as a feed reader.

Web feeds such as RSS are far faster and easier than using bookmarks or relying on email alerts.

Some free, web-based feedreaders include:

There are many non-web-based readers available, which can be found through a web search for "free RSS readers".

If you already have a reader you can just click the RSS graphic below, or click on one of the images for your particular reader.



Articles in Current RSS Feed
2014-04-16 Game Report: Tuesday: Unexpected Turn of Events
2014-04-16 Game Report: Wednesday: Bath and Churchville Both win 19-4
2014-04-16 Game Report: Thursday: Schroeder Takes Churchville-Chili
2014-04-12 Game Report: Saturday: McQuaid takes Irondequoit, Churchville Takes CA
2014-04-12 Game Report: Monday: Canandaigua and Geneva Win Today
2014-04-08 Game Report: Thursday: Schroeder over Irondequoit in Double Overtime
2014-04-08 Game Report: Friday: Midlakes over Bloomfield-Honeoye 11-10
2014-04-07 Game Report: Tuesday: Seven Runaways - Many Games Canceled
2014-04-07 Game Report: Wednesday: Three More Runaways
2014-04-07 Nick Panara and Aaron Buck Are Week 2 Winners
2014-04-01 Pittsford, Fairport, Penfield and Thomas Top Class A
2014-04-01 Canandaigua, Victor, Irondequoit and Churchville-Chili Top Class B
2014-04-01 Penn Yan, Geneva, Pal-Mac and Geneva Top Class C