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Preseason Reports Expected Next Weekend
 -  There are a number of new teams added to the Section Five roster and they, along with thirty-two returning teams, will be profiled in the annual "Preseason Preview" which is expected to be posted on Sunday, March 29th.

preview 2009Along with thoughts on the contenders in each of the three classes, the SportsFive preview committee will profile each division within each league. The annual "Flower Power" symbol, used to quickly see strengths and weaknesses within divisions will be used again this year.

Don't miss the preseason rankings, which will be available on the 29th as well. Last year, the SportsFive crystal ball was right on target, picking the finishing order in Class A as Canandaigua, Irondequoit, Penfield and Thomas, which was just the way they finished at the end of the year. The preview team also picked 1-2-3 in Class B with Geneva, Aquinas and Eastridge, who also finished in that order. The Committee missed one last year, in Class C, where Livonia placed second (instead of third). "Coach" Paul Wilson, downplayed the successes, saying, "Picking Penn Yan didn't take much skill, but we were lucky in Class A as there were quite a few talented teams in that class." When asked "Will you do it again this year", Wilson added, "I think we will probably pick Penn Yan again in Class C."