Saturday: Both Class B Winners Win in Overtime

With the semifinals concluded, the teams are set for the 2016 Section Five Championships. Victor will play Pittsford in Class A, Thomas will play Canandaigua in Class B and Penn Yan will play Aquinas in Class C. The Class C semifinals turned out to be mismatches with Penn Yan defeating Gananda 19-7 and Aquinas beating Wayne 14-1. It was quite a different story in the Class B semis as both winning teams won in overtime. Of interest is that neither winning team led during regulation and both teams won their game with a man up goal.

The newly updated tournament brackets can be found on the Tournament Page or Class A - Class B - Class C.

Saturday 5-28-2016

Penn Yan 19 - Gananda 7 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 Penn Yan
     Record: 14-2
7 7 5 0   19
     Record: 13-5
3 1 0 3   7

The book for Penn Yan: Tate Stewart (2g-1a), Austin Fingar (3g-5a), Conner Fingar (3g-2a), Craig Gerhardt (4g-2a), Sean Emerson (2g-1a), Ben Emerson (3g-1a), Austin Blumbergs (1g), Preston Pederson (1g), Will Rogers (1a), Goaltending: Gage Ponsetti 8s/4ga = 67% (36 mins), Kyle Welker 2s/3ga (12 mins).

The book for Gananda: Joe Fisher (3g-2a), Dylan Joy (3g-2a), Remmy Glod (1a), Cruz Mayberry (2a), Ryan Finnegan (1g) Goaltending: Jake Root 7s/19ga (39 mins), Jason Good 0s/0ga (9 mins).

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Canandaigua vs Chruchville

Canandaigua 12 - Churchville-Chili 11 in Overtime 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 17-1
3 2 5 1   11
     Record: 10-8
1 2 2 6 1 12

The book for Churchville-Chili: Jason Tebo (2g-2a), Patrick Sheridan (2g), Anthony Catalano (1g), Nicholas Colucci (1a), AJ Soto (1g), Corey Yunker (2g-2a), Austin Orengo (1g-1a), Jacob Buck (2g-1a), Goaltending: Matt Cobb 21s/12ga = 64% (49 mins).

The book for Canandaigua: Coron Broomfield (1g), Devin Andrews (5g-1a), Johnny DelForte (1g), Carson Greene (3g-3a), Ben Smith-Wilcox (1g), Connor McClain (1g), Goaltending: Brandon Moore 8s/11ga (49 mins).

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--  SPORTSFIVE REPORT: Canandaigua fought back from a 10-5 deficit at the end of the third quarter to force overtime and then won 12-11 over previously undefeated Churchville-Chili. The Braves never led and only had the game tied twice (1-1 and 11-11). They scored when it mattered, in sudden death overtime, to secure the win. The Saints took control of the game for three quarters before the Braves fought back in the fourth. As the Braves got closer and closer to a tie game, they became more amped up and the Saints had more trouble staying in the lead.

The first three quarters belonged to the Saints as they scored the opening goal and three of the first four to lead 3-1 after 12 minutes. Many of their earlier goals were results of quick passes. The first was scored with Corey Yunker assisting Jacob Buck after a series of three passed and a look inside to the crease. Canandaigua tied the game for the first of only two times with a fast-break goal by Coron Broomfield. The Saints scored the next two with rapid passing. The first was Jason Tebo assisting AJ Soto and the second was Buck assisting Yunker.

Both teams added two goals in the second quarter. Tebo and Buck scored unassisted goal for the Saints. Connor McClain scored with a high drive from behind the cage for the Braves. Devin Andrews scored the first of his 5g-1a with another drive from behind the cage. The Saints led 5-3 at the half. A major success for the Saints was goalie Matt Cobb. He finished with 21 saves and nearly secured the win for the Saints. He had three strong quarters and finished at 64% against a post-season tested Braves.

Churchville vs CanandaiguaThe Saints pulled away in the third quarter and looked good to secure the win. They added five and held Canandaigua to only two. The major turning point in the final quarter came when the Saints led by 3 (11-8) with just under four minutes on the clock. They were man-down and stopped the extra-man opportunity for the Braves and then cleared the ball up field. Instead of running out the penalty, they forced a shot that was saved by Brandon Moore (8 saves on the game). The ball was cleared and a goal was scored on fast-break (still man-up). On the ensuing face-off the Braves won and got another fast-break goal. In a span of less than one minute the Saints had lost the ball, and their three goal lead was cut to only one.

The Braves forced overtime with 0:38 on the clock and Andrews scored his fifth goal with an outside shot from the left flat. Neither team could secure the win in the final thirty seconds. Churchville-Chili won the final face-off and had a timeout with 0:20 remaining; however, they could not convert. In overtime, Canandaigua won the draw and had the first shot at the cage. After a penalty, left Churchville-Chili man-down. Canandaigua scored the game winning with Johnny DelForte scoring from an inside feed from Carson Greene.

Canandaigua was the first team in the Class B tournament to defeat a higher seed and the #4 seed will move on the finals to face #2 seeded Webster Thomas, who also won in overtime.

Saturday 5-28-2016

Aquinas 14 - Wayne 1 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 16-2
0 0 1 0   1
     Record: 16-2
3 4 3 4   14

The book for Wayne: Thomas Knapp (1a), Jack Camp (1g), Goaltending: Jared Laird 6s/14ga (48 mins).

The book for Aquinas: Jamir Jones (2g), Casey Hochheimer (2g-1a), Cameron Cecere (1g), Nicholas Morreale (2g), Nick Tschetter (2g-2a), Evan Kelly (2g-1a), Elliot Clemmons (2g-1a), Sean Miller (1g), Goaltending: Bryce Kelly 11s/1ga = 92% (46 mins), Jimmy Depetres 0s/0ga (2 mins).

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Irondequoit vs Thomas

Thomas 11 - Irondequoit 10 in Overtime 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 13-5
0 2 6 2 1 11
     Record: 9-9
2 3 4 1   10

The book for Thomas: Travis Ford (1g-2a), Trevor Ford (5g), Brad Smith (1g-2a), Pierce Currie (1g-2a), Matt Hill (1g), Nick Mabe (2g), Goaltending: Matt Yonko 13s/10ga = 57% (50 mins).

The book for Irondequoit: Trevor Carney (2g), Mike Coholan (1g-1a), Kessel Stefano (2g), Phil Barilla (2g-1a), Jack Brennan (2g-1a), Daniel Doktor (1g-1a), Goaltending: Carter Whittemore 5s/11ga (50 mins).

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--  SPORTSFIVE REPORT: After a delayed start due to weather, Webster Thomas fought back from a five goal deficit (8-3) to force overtime and then defeated Irondequoit 11-10. The Titans never led and only tied the game twice (9-9 and 10-10). They took their first lead in sudden victory overtime to secure their win and move into the Finals. Irondequoit controlled the game for nearly three full quarters before Thomas fought back at the end of the third.

Irondequoit scored the first three goals and five of the first six to lead 5-1 with 4:39 remaining in the first half. Trevor Carney scored the first of his two goals from a loose ball on the crease after a save from Matt Yonko. Yonko finished with 13 saves for the Titans. With 0:08 remaining in the first quarter the Eagles scored again with a drive from behind the cage from Mike Coholan. Kessel Stefano opened up the scoring in the second quarter with an unassisted sweep across the top of the restraining line. Thomas scored their first goal with 10:39 remaining in the half when Brad Smith drove from behind the cage.

Jack Brennan scored back to back goals for the Eagles to give them the 5-1 lead. The first was on a dead ball drive to the cage from behind the cage and the second was a cross-crease feed from Daniel Doktor. The final goal of the half was scored by Trevor Ford with a feed from behind the cage by Smith.Irondequoit vs Thomas

Irondequoit started the third quarter strong. They scored two more to increase their lead to 7-2 halfway through the quarter. Stefano and Phil Barilla scored for the Eagles. The turning point for the Titans came in the final three minutes of the third quarter. Thomas scored four goals to take the game from trailing 8-3 to only trailing 8-7. The four goals were scored in 77 seconds. The Titans scored on an inside feed from Travis Ford to Pierce Currie with 2:49 remaining in third to start off their run. On the ensuing face-off they scored with a drive straight to the cage by Travis Ford. Twenty seconds later they scored again with an outside shot by Matt Hill. Another twenty seconds found Trevor Ford driving across the top of the restraining line and past a pick from Travis Ford. There were two more goals in the third quarter with each team adding one. Carney scored on the next face-off will a fast-break. Thomas added another during a man-up goal from Nick Mabe. Irondequoit led 9-8 after 36 minutes.

Thomas` last two goal of regulation were both scored during man-up with Trevor Ford scoring the first assisted by Travis Ford and the second assisted by Currie. The final Irondequoit goal was scored after a ground ball pick up on the crease by Barilla. The final five minutes saw both teams with chances at the cage, but neither could convert on a goal. In overtime both teams had a shot at the cage. After a penalty against Irondequoit, the Titans found themselves man-up. They scored the game winning goal with Smith assisting Mabe for his second goal of the night.