Saturday: Bath, Hilton and Aquinas Win One Goal Games
  Bath beat Livonia, Hilton beat HF-L and Aquinas took out R-H each winning by one goal. Victor remained undefeated with a 16-11 win over Cazenovia (Section 3). Other winners include Bloomfield-Honeoye, Lightning, Newark, Schroeder, Thomas, Penn Yan, Spencerport and Corning (who defeated Fairport 13-9).

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Friday 5-06-2016

Brighton at Schroeder

Schroeder 13 - Brighton 7 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 6-6
4 3 4 2   13
     Record: 7-4
4 0 1 2   7

The book for Schroeder: Blake Balcaen (2g), Jared Griffin (3g-2a), Jonathan Kay (2g), Matthew Montgomery (2g-2a), Conor Bollin (4g-3a), Stephen Connolly (1a), Goaltending: Antonio Deleo 9s/7ga = 56% (48 mins).

The book for Brighton: Brett Randall (2g), Brady McDermott (3g), Owen Ronchetti (1g-1a), Casey McDermott (1g-3a), Parker Lawrence (1a), Goaltending: Caleb Green 4s/13ga (48 mins).

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Arc/Oly 12 - Gates Chili 10 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 5-7
3 3 2 4   12
  Gates Chili
     Record: 6-6
2 1 4 3   10

The book for Arc/Oly: Brandon Barnhart (5g), Matt McHale (3g-4a), Jake Mathis (2g-4a), Zackary Serio (1a), Xavier Bakari (2g-1a), Goaltending: Hunter Barnard 0s/1ga (1 mins), Gavin Catalano 18s/9ga = 67% (47 mins).

The book for Gates Chili: Joseph O`Hare (2g), Richard Cato (1g-1a), Tim Eaton (1g), Adam Phelan (1g-1a), Nicholas Ehmann (1g-2a), Jarrett Kirkpatrick (4g-1a), Brett Kirkpatrick (1a), Goaltending: CJ Parker 8s/12ga (48 mins).

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Thomas 18 - McQuaid Jesuit 5 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 McQuaid Jesuit
     Record: 7-5
1 2 1 1   5
     Record: 7-5
6 3 5 4   18

The book for McQuaid Jesuit: Tommy Crocker (2g), Ben Bogdan (1a), Jack Billitier (1g), Zac Zamiara (1a), Matt Palmer (2g), Goaltending: Hunter Goldstin 10s/18ga (48 mins).

The book for Thomas: Brad Smith (1g), Matt Hill (1g), Nick Mabe (2g-2a), Matt Annechino (2g-1a), Anthony Giudice (1g), Travis Ford (3g-1a), CJ Battiagila (1a), Pierce Currie (3g), Trevor Ford (4g-1a), Ian LaCroix (1g), Goaltending: Collin Deisenroth 5s/2ga = 71% (24 mins), Matt Yonko 6s/3ga = 67% (24 mins).

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Bath 9 - Livonia 8 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 8-3
4 1 2 2   9
     Record: 7-6
4 4 0 0   8

The book for Bath: Michael Rice (3g-1a), Zach Roberts (1g), Patrick Brewer (1g), Jonathan Deats (1a), Connor Cupp (2g), Tyler Finch (1g), Connor DiDomineck (1g-4a), Goaltending: Trey Kinner 2s/2ga = 50% (6 mins), Jacob Cupp 11s/6ga = 65% (42 mins).

The book for Livonia: Timothy Lischer (3g-1a), Reid Mattle (2g), Ryan Haugh (1g-2a), Kirk Kornbau (2g) Goaltending: Justin LaDuke 11s/9ga = 55% (48 mins).

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--  SPORTSFIVE REPORT: Bath defeated Livonia 15-2 the first time they faced each other this season but their game today was decidedly closer. The Rams scored the last four goals to secure a 9-8 victory. The Bulldogs were held scoreless for 26:49 with their last goal coming in the second quarter. Bath took an earlier lead and scored the first two goals. Tyler Finch and Michael Rice scored for the Rams to give them a 2-0 lead three minutes in the game.

Livonia came back and scored back to back to tie the game for first (of four) times. Timothy Lischer and Reid Mattle scored for the Bulldogs. After tying, the Rams scored two more goals to retake a two goal lead (4-2). Rice scored his second and third goals with assists from Jonathan Deats and Connor DiDomineck. Livonia scored the next two goals to end the first half tied 4-4. They kept their momentum into the second quarter and scored the first goal. The Bulldogs took their first lead with a goal from Kirk Kornbau with 9:14 remaining in the half. Two minutes later Bath tied the game for the third time with DiDomineck assisting Connor Cupp.

The Bulldogs took over after Cupp`s goal and scored three unanswered to take an 8-5 lead. The game remained a three goal difference at the half. Bath scored two in the third, but still trailed 8-7. The game tied for the last time on an unassisted goal from DiDomineck with 11:39 remaining. A face-off fast-break secured the win only 0:11 later. Patrick Brewer scored his lone goal of the game unassisted.

Between the pipes for Bath, Jacob Cupp finished with 11 saves on 42 minutes. Trey Kinner ended at 50% (2s/2ga) over the remaining six minutes. For Livonia, Justin LaDuke recorded 11 saves and played the entire game.

St. Joes at Penn Yan

St. Joe at Penn Yan

Penn Yan 12 - St. Joseph 5 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 Penn Yan
     Record: 10-2
5 3 2 2   12
  St. Joseph
     Record: 4-9
2 1 1 1   5

The book for Penn Yan: Tate Stewart (2g-1a), Craig Gerhardt (3g-1a), Austin Fingar (2g-2a), Conner Fingar (2g), Austin Blumbergs (1g-1a), Sean Emerson (1g), Ben Emerson (1a), Preston Pederson (1g), Goaltending: Gage Ponsetti 6s/5ga = 55% (48 mins).

The book for St. Joseph:

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Spencerport 16 - Ath/Ody 4 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 8-3
4 5 6 1   16
     Record: 4-7
1 0 1 2   4

The book for Spencerport: Jonathan Agness (4g-2a), Rocco Santillo (1g), Owen VanWie (1a), Jack Lehtonen (1g), Jordan Swilley (1g), Alex Renz (4g), Jackson Akers (1g), Victor Pascucci (1g), Colin McElligott (2g-6a), Charlie McMahon (1g), Goaltending: Connor MacKenzie 3s/1ga = 75% (30 mins), Ethan Corona 1s/3ga (18 mins).

The book for Ath/Ody: Ian Grana (2g), Dalton McCumber (1a), Colin O`Leary (1a), Josh Shields (1g-1a), Dylan Wiemer (1g) Goaltending: Jason Harter 10s/16ga (48 mins).

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Hilton 10 - HFL 9 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 7-5
3 3 2 1   9
     Record: 3-11
1 2 3 4   10

The book for HFL: Andrew Mapstone (1g-2a), Charlie Pluta (2g), Parker Hotchkiss (1g-1a), Jonathan Roth (3g-1a), Garrett Ruff (1g-1a), Tyler Bushnell (1g), Goaltending: Ben Tomaszewski 9s/10ga (48 mins).

The book for Hilton: Tyler Dalle (3g-2a), Zachary Mitrano (1g), Ben Mitrano (1g), Michael Rudy (1a), Jordan Milliken (2g), Jordan DePetres (1a), Hunter Duford (1g), Zeus Doser (2g), Goaltending: Jacob VanWuychuyse 17s/9ga = 65% (48 mins).

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Aquinas 8 - Rush-Henrietta 7 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 10-1
2 3 3 0   8
     Record: 2-10
4 0 2 1   7

The book for Aquinas: Evan Kelly (1g-3a), Jamir Jones (1g-1a), Nick Tschetter (3g), Eli Chalmers (2g), Tyler Olbrich (1a), Jonathan Parrinello (1g-1a), Goaltending: Bryce Kelly 9s/7ga = 56% (48 mins).

The book for Rush-Henrietta: Jake Hughes (2a), TJ Day (4g), Matt Zarzycki (1g), Brandon Waden (1a), James LaRocca (1g), Tanner Day (2a), Delivan Young (1g), Goaltending: Colin Mix 7s/8ga (48 mins).

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--  SPORTSFIVE REPORT: Aquinas scored four unanswered goals to secure the lead in their 8-7 win over RH. Although the Royal Comets started off the game, leading 4-2 after the first quarter, the Little Irish came back and scored six out of seven straight goals in the second and third quarters to hold a three goal lead near the end of the third quarter. The Royal Comets scored the final two goals of the game to bring the score to a single point differential.

R-H scored the opening goal and took the lead 1:19 into the game. Aquinas use a face-off fast-break to tie the game with Jonathan Parrinello assisting Evan Kelly. Another five minutes passed before R-H took their second lead. James LaRocca scored with an assist from Tanner Day. This time, instead of seconds it took minutes for the Little Irish to tie the game. Eli Chalmers scored with 2:44 remaining to tie the game for the second time. Goals from Matt Zarzycki and TJ Day gave the Royal Comets a 4-2 lead to end the first quarter.

Aquinas scored the only three goals of the second half to take a 5-4 halftime lead. The Little Irish held the Royal Comets scoreless for 15:47 spanning three quarters. They added another to start the third quarter and grab a two goal lead (Chalmers from Jamir Jones). R-H broke their scoring draught with an unassisted goal from Delivan Young. Aquinas added two more goals to take their largest lead of the game with 1:09 remaining in third quarter. R-H added one final goal in the third and the only goal in the fourth to bring the score within a single point. Although they scored the one down goal with 11:38 remaining in quarter, they could tie the game and force overtime. Goalie Bryce Kelly finished with nine saves on the day including three in the remainder of the fourth quarter.

Friday 5-06-2016

Corning at Fairport

Corning 13 - Fairport 9 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 6-6
4 1 1 3   9
     Record: 13-2
1 2 6 4   13

The book for Fairport: Jake Bucci (1g), Dylan DeLorme (2g-1a), Spencer Bell (1g-1a), Michael Modesti (2g), Kyle McAvoy (1g), TJ Hendricks (1g), Reese Burek (1a), Cameron Gebhardt (1g-1a), Jack Sallerson (1a), Goaltending: Tyler Wetzel 2s/8ga (33 mins), Jake Santini 4s/5ga (15 mins).

The book for Corning:

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Newark 14 - Batavia 8 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 3-9
4 5 5 0   14
     Record: 3-8
1 1 1 5   8

The book for Newark: Eric Nowak (4a), Taylor Clements (6g), Parker Casselman (1g-3a), Zach Vankoevering (2a), Adam Lockwood (1g-3a), Dylan Harmon (5g), Noah Goulette (1g), Goaltending: Talyn Pierce 2s/3ga (36 mins), Coby Frazier 1s/5ga (12 mins).

The book for Batavia: Michael Marrocco (3g-1a), Alex Snell (3g), Joe Allegue (1g-2a), Anthony Gallo (1g), Mike Keller (1a), Goaltending: Jimmy Cherry 31s/14ga = 69% (48 mins).

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Victor 16 - Cazenovia 11 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 11-2
1 2 2 6   11
     Record: 12-0
5 5 4 2   16

The book for Cazenovia:

The book for Victor: Matt Gardner (1g), Max Lambert (2g-4a), Andrew Russell (3g), Mike DeMarco (1a), Ryan Maloney (5g), Zach Estabrooks (1g), Chayse Ierlan (1g), Jamie Trimboli (1g-2a), Drew Collins (2g-1a) Goaltending: Chayse Ierlan 10s/6ga = 63% (43 mins), Brennan Mackey 1s/5ga (5 mins).

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Bloomfield-Honeoye 16 - Marcus Whitman 10 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 Marcus Whitman
     Record: 0-11
0 3 2 5   10
     Record: 3-8
8 4 1 3   16

The book for Marcus Whitman: Schuyler Bredesen (3g-2a), Zachary Brooks (1g), Timmy Cornish (6g), Carter Coston (3a), Chris McCann (1a), Goaltending: Michael Dhondt 15s/16ga (48 mins).

The book for Bloomfield-Honeoye: Tanner Kimball (1g-2a), Alex Roach (3g-3a), Tyler Joslyn (4g-2a), Trevor Farrell (1a), George Willix (2g-1a), Jon Marble (1g-3a), Jonah Hershey (1g), Jake Davis (1g), Dalton Phillips (3g), Colton Welch (1a), Goaltending: Devin Campbell 3s/6ga (42 mins), Cody Crane 0s/4ga (6 mins).

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--  SPORTSFIVE REPORT: In a battle of former Penn Yan Players, Head Coach Brandon Trombley (Bloomfield-Honeoye) and Head Coach Ryan Kerrick (Marcus Whitman) faced off against each other. Bloomfield-Honeoye scored the first nine goals in their 16-10 win over Marcus Whitman. The Pride took control early and then slowed down in the second half and allowed Marcus Whitman to come closer. Leading the Pride was Tyler Joslyn with 4g-2a. He scored three of his goals in the first four goals of the game. All three goals were passes into the center of crease where Joslyn caught the ball and finished with the goalie out of position. Alex Roach scored his first goal of the game with a face-off fast-break goal from Colton Welch with 6:28 remaining to give B-H the 5-0 lead.

Timmy CornishRoach kept up his offensive play with assists on two of the next three goals to finish out the first quarter. The Pride led 8-0 after 12 minutes and took their energy down a level for the remainder of the game. The Wildcats kept up the same tenacity and outscored the Pride 10-8 in the remainder of the game. They never gave up and kept trying to get back in the game for the entire 48 minutes.

In the second quarter, B-H scored the opening goal with a fast-break goal by George Willix with an assist from Jon Marble. Two minutes later and Marcus Whitman scored their first goal. Timmy Cornish, who finished with 6 goals for the Wildcats, scored his first unassisted with a drive down the left side. The Pride scored back to back goals to take their largest lead of the game (10 goals). Roach scored with a ground ball on the crease and Joslyn scored on a cross-crease feed from Tanner Kimball. Whitman scored two more goals to end the half. Both were scored by Cornish with an assist from Carter Coston and both were scored on extra-man offense. The score at halftime was 12-3 for B-H.

In the third quarter, Marcus Whitman added two and held the Pride to only one. Schuyler Bredesen scored with a drive straight at the cage after a time out and Cornish scored his fourth with another man-up goal (this time and outside shot at the cage). Scoring continued back and forth until Bloomfield-Honeoye's Dalton Phillips scored his third goal of the game with an outside shot. The final Pride goal was scored with 8:04 remaining in the fourth quarter. Marcus Whitman scored the final four goals of the game after the Pride switched out their goalie.

Marcus Whitman sophomore Michael Dhondt finished the game with 11 recorded saves. For Bloomfield-Honeoye, Devin Campbell played three and half quarters and recorded three saves. Cody Crane played the final seven minutes of the game between the pipes, but did not record a save.