Wednesday: Four Games to Finish, C-C over Hilton 10-9

Four games were finished today after yesterday1s storms and the Livonia-McQuaid gave had to wait again today before they finished with the Bulldogs winning 11-7. Churchville-Chili finished as winners in their 10-9 game with Hilton. Geneva beat Waterloo and Bath beat Avon.

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Tuesday Games

Bath 17 - Avon 6 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 3-12
1 1 2 2   6
     Record: 6-8
4 3 6 4   17

The book for Avon: Bradon Mynter (2g-1a), Mitchell Wolfanger (1g-2a), Bailey Eigbrett (3g), Christopher Mekeel (2a), Goaltending: Austin Henderson 9s/17ga (48 mins).

The book for Bath: Michael Rice (7g-4a), Patrick Brewer (1g-1a), Caleb Gable-Hyer (2g-1a), Mitch Fuller (3g-2a), Garrett Strong (1g), Connor DiDomineck (3g) Goaltending: Jacob Cupp 5s/6ga (48 mins).

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Livonia 11 - McQuaid Jesuit 7 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 7-7
3 3 4 1   11
  McQuaid Jesuit
     Record: 7-8
2 2 1 2   7

The book for Livonia: Jonathan Mohnkern (3g-1a), Nick Kallio (1a), Divonte Geiger (1g), Dominic Coon (2g), Jack Simpson (1g-3a), Zach Bishopp (3g), Jack Pope (1g-3a), Goaltending: John Stockslader 14s/7ga = 67% (48 mins).

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The book for McQuaid Jesuit: Jarrett Cook (1g), Shawn Nally (2g), Jake Gleason (1g), Isaac Swartzman (1g), Zach Ettinghausen (1g-1a), Jack Flowerday (1g), Jared Calderon (1a), Jack Cairns (1a), Goaltending: Gianmarco Coelho 3s/10ga (30 mins), Nick Angelo 2s/1ga = 67% (15 mins), Anthony Caranci 1s/0ga = 100% (3 mins).



Geneva 16 - Waterloo 7 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 6-9
4 0 2 1   7
     Record: 8-6
0 5 3 8   16

The book for Waterloo: Kyle Lotz (1g-1a), Mike Wright (1g-2a), Jaymin Mateo (1g-2a), Brenn Solomon (3g), Chris Mitchell (1g), Goaltending: Mark Campbell 10s/16ga (48 mins).

The book for Geneva: Hunter Seaward (4g-5a), Eddie Eddington (5g-4a), Jason Feinberg (2g-2a), Michael DeVaney (1g-2a), Kyle Cosentino (3g), Ethan Bakogiannis (1g-2a) Goaltending: Jacob Drennen 14s/7ga = 67% (48 mins).


Churchville-Chili 10 - Hilton 9 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 12-3
0 3 3 4   10
     Record: 10-4
3 2 2 2   9

The book for Churchville-Chili: Aaron Buck (4g-1a), Trevor Hodgins (1g-1a), Alex Goodermote (1g), Cameron Shipley (1g-1a), Ryan Cosgrove (3g-4a), Goaltending: Mike Yehl 8s/9ga (48 mins).

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The book for Hilton: Harald Juergens (2g-1a), Shawn Kimble (1g-1a), Teddy Alvarado (1g-1a), Zeus Doser (3g), Tyler Farrel (2g-1a) Goaltending: Jarod Kimble 9s/10ga (48 mins).

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C-C vs Hilton--  Special  Coming back today to finish last night`s game, after it was called due to weather, benefited Churchville-Chili as they outscored Hilton 3-2 to win the game 10-9. The Saints` Ryan Cosgrove scored the first goal today and assisted the second and third to secure the win for the Saints. The game was tied at 9-9 with 5:03 remaining in regulation. Churchville-Chili`s Aaron Buck scored the game winning goal (assisted by Cosgrove) with 3:46 remaining in regulation.

The first day of the contest began with a strong run by Hilton and finished with Churchville-Chili fighting back to a tie game with 10:37 remaining in the final quarter. The Cadets scored three unanswered goals in the first quarter. Their defense held Churchville-Chili scoreless for the first 14:02. There were eight penalties during the contest and seven of them were scored on (5 for Hilton and 1 for C-C). The opening goal was scored during man-up with Shawn Kimble scoring on an outside shot (assisted by face-off midfielder Harald Juergens). Kimble finished with 1g-1a for the Cadets. Juergens was a major factor in keeping the ball in5 Hilton`s possession. He finished 11/17 (65%) with a team leading 12 ground balls. Twenty seconds later, Teddy Alvarado picked up the loose ball behind the cage and fed Zeus Doser on the crease for the first of his three goals. Doser scored again less than 30 seconds later with a feed from the top by Tyler Farrel during another man-up play. Hilton led 3-0 after the first quarter.C-C vs Hilton

Churchville-Chili came back in the second quarter and scored the first two goals. The first goal was a result of overly aggressive defense from the Cadets. They became out of position and Churchville-Chili capitalized with Buck assisted Ryan Cosgrove on the open crease. Trevor Hodgins scored the next goal with a drive from behind the cage. Doser scored his second goal during another man-up with an inside dodge. Buck scored again for the saints with another cross crease feed, this one from Hodgins. The Cadets scored the final goal of the opening half with Farrel scoring unassisted with a drive straight at the cage. Hilton led 5-3 going into halftime.

Churchville-Chili came out strong after the half with the first three goals to take their first lead of the contest. Their first goal was the only man-up goal for Churchville-Chili. C-C vs HiltonCosgrove assisted Buck from GLE on the right side of the cage. Cosgrove got his second assist of the game with an inside feed to Cameron Shipley on a high crease. Alex Goodermote scored the first goal to put Churchville-Chili in the lead after another inside feed to a high crease. This time Shipley assisted Goodermote. Hilton came back to finish the quarter with two man-up goals to retake the lead. The first was scored after a loose ball ground ball off a save on the crease. Alvarado picked up the ball and finished with the garbage goal. The final goal of the quarter was an outside shot from Farrel. Hilton led 7-6 going into the final quarter.

Churchville-Chili`s Cosgrove scored the first goal with a drive from behind the cage. Churchville-Chili won the face off, but before they could continue the game was stopped due to weather. The game was resumed today. Hilton`s Juergens scored both goals for the Cadets today. In the cage for Hilton, Jarod Kimble finished with nine recorded saves for the two days. Yesterday he finished with 8s/7ga and had a number of impressive point blank saves to keep the Cadets in the game. Churchville-Chili`s Mike Yehl finished the game with 8 saves. Defenseman Mike Caternolo finished with eight ground balls to lead his team. return to top