Monday: Canandaigua and Geneva Win Today

Canandaigua played a night game in the cold rain, but went home with a win over Brighton. Geneva played Newark at Waterloo today and also came home with a win. The Aquinas at Gananda game was stopped due to field conditions after the first quarter, with Aquinas ahead 3-2. The game will be continued at a future date.

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Thursday Games

Geneva 18 - Newark 2 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 1-0
5 4 5 4   18
     Record: 1-2
1 0 0 1   2

The book for Geneva: Hunter Seaward (6g), Ethan Bakogiannis (3g-3a), Eddie Eddington (4g-1a), Kyle Cosentino (3g-1a), Fran Shaw (2g-2a), Goaltending: Jacob Drennen 5s/1ga = 83% (36 mins), Ben Rotenberg 2s/1ga = 67% (12 mins).

The book for Newark: Evan Knapp (1g), Kyle Power (1a), Adam Pulver (1g), Cameron Casselman (1a), Goaltending: Conor Tickner 5s/13ga (30 mins), Devon Brown 4s/5ga (18 mins).


Canandaigua 12 - Brighton 4 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 2-2
1 0 2 1   4
     Record: 1-2
4 1 5 2   12

The book for Brighton: Brett Randall (1a), Max Coke (2g), Michael Thomas (1g), Christian Mann (1g), Orian Furber (1a), Allen Vitale (1a), Goaltending: Andy Wong 12s/12ga = 50% (48 mins).

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The book for Canandaigua: Tim Bay (2g-2a), Ben Smith-Wilcox (1g), Connor Hulme (3g-2a), Eric Munn (2g), Mitchell Schaefer (1g-2a), Tyelor Dingman (1g), Kyle Landrigan (1g), Coron Broomfield (1g), Goaltending: Luke MacNeil 6s/3ga = 67% (36 mins), Jon Gelinas 1s/0ga = 100% (6 mins), Ethan Lincoln 1s/1ga = 50% (6 mins).